RH Mereo 220 With Neck rest And Arms, leather finish

$2,381.50 inc 10% GST

The RH Mereo 220 Executive seating .Designed to follow the natural contour of the body to enhanced dynamic seating comfort, the Mereo 220 Executive Chair is suitable for all working office environment and easily adjust to fit all individuals. RH Mereo 220 Chair encourage active seating and promotes movement moving you away from sedentary posture .The ergonomic features and adjust ability of the RH Mereo 220 makes this chair very user friendly . Fabric finish price group 1.Friction less tilt mechanism. Infinitely adjustable and can be locked in chosen position. We recommend to work with the tilt open to encourage active seating. Separately adjustable backrest angle for support in any position.
Seat width/depth: 410 mm/ 465 mm seat slide 100 mm incl. 20 mm in the back
Back height/width: 400 mm/630 mm
Seat height: 410-550 mm
Base: Black aluminum, Ø660 mm and castors for carpeted floors (Ø65 mm)
Please use the Flokk chair configurator to see options available .
Certified in accordance with: EN 1335-A Class A, NPR 1813, Möbelfakta
Tested according to: EPD (ISO 14025), Greenguard
Flokk 10 year single shift warranty , weight load rated to150 kg .
Design by: Veryday and Flokk Design Team
Please use the Flokk chair configurator to see options available .
Chair example price group 6 leather .
Fabric finish Paloma black leather price group 6. Chair picture is an example only.


  • the neckrest is slim and functional easy to adjust
  • the backrest Tvedt cushion between the shoulder blades stimulates an open posture, increasing oxygeneration of the body
  • backrest shape is tall and narrow the soft curve, supports the whole back in an upright posture
  • chair controls are user- friendly,intuitive shapes and placement for easy adjustments
  • waterfall seat shape reduces pressure on the thighs and minimises knee movement when tilting. Rear cushion edge is raised to orientate the pelvis in the correct position
  • frictionless torsion chair mechanism that adjusts to suit users weight
  • fully adjustable arms both in width and height
  • HR Mereo is a work tool, improving performance for people and business
  • Available in various colours (see the attached image)

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