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Ergonomic Office Chairs

Considerations to make when choosing ergonomic office chair and why a good chair matters

Imagine wearing a pair of shoes a couple of sizes too small for you, or a business suit that’s way too large. The point about both these products is that they need to be a perfect fit for the shape and size of the user.

So, it’s important to think in the same way when choosing your office chair.

People often think that the term ‘ergonomic’ is simply about providing back support for office chairs – but it’s about so much more.

Four key factors to consider when choosing your ergonomic office chairs:

1. The height should be quickly and easily adjustable; with an ideal position for most people being feet firmly on the floor, thighs horizontal, and arms level with the height of the desk, table or surface where they are working.

2. The seat depth should allow the sitter 8 to 10 cm of space from the front of the seat to the back of the legs, there are 2 reasons why this space is needed firstly to allow the legs to go under the chair when leaving the chair and the other reason is to stop slumping. If the seat depth is to deep you will slump.

3. Lower back, or lumbar, support is also a crucial factor when making your choice. Back pain is a leading cause of work absences. The support should should fit correctly to allow for a proper fit. The backrest should be wide enough and be separately adjustable if it does not attach to the seat itself. Where seat and back are a single entity, then forward and backward adjustments should be possible, and a lever locking mechanism should keep it in the position the user chooses.

4. Material choices for ergonomic office chairs should deliver a comfortable level of comfort across long working periods.

Effective choice means that when you are using these chairs – often for long periods – you are sitting in a balanced and comfortable position.

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