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Types of Office Chairs

When choosing an office chair, it’s important to consider a variety of factors, including your work load and, ergonomics. The right chair can increase productivity and reduce the risk of injury, while the wrong one can make every day more difficult. The chair mechanism is a critical factor in chair functionality, ergonomics and price. Below is a brief description of office chairs types based on their mechanisms:

Triple Lever Ratchet Back Mechanism

This mechanisms is used extensively on clerical and task office chairs. One lever is used to adjust the height of the chair (gaslift) the second lever is used to adjust the seat tilt and the third lever is used to adjust the back tilt of the back. The ratchet back post is to adjust the back height.

Lever Lock Sychron Chair Mechanism without tilt limiter

This chair mechanism is what is known as active seating. One lever is used to activate the gas lift height the second lever is used to unlock the mechanism allowing it to move freely. With this mechanism there is also a hand wheel that can be adjusted for weight resistant’s a light user would adjust the hard wheel backwards and a heavier user would adjust the hand wheel forwards. The mechanisms can be locked in multiple tilting positions or allowed to free float without the tilt limiter the mechanisms will tilt the user further forward.

Pelvic Support Mechanism with tilt limiter

The mechanism is similar to the above mechanism decryption but with the added benefit of the tilt limiter. This mechanism has an additional mechanism function which enables you to adjust the mechanism so that the forward seating position is ether level or tilt forward.

Independant Pin Lock Mechanisms

This is a very basic tilt mechanism ether free floating or locked in a level position. The hand wheel tension can be adjusted to suit your body weight to prevent the user unintentionally tilting to far back. Types of chairs that use this mechanism. Budget low cost chairs.

Back Tilt Mechanism

Another basic mechanism with two levers. One to adjust the height of the chair the other to allow the back to tilt. Types of chairs that use this type of mechanism budget low cost office chairs.
A major hazard of office life is pain – in the back, neck and shoulder. One way to avoid this is by investing in the right furniture, including a quality office chair. These help by providing support for your back and, in the long run, improving your posture.