Best Price Guaranteed


Here are some replacement parts The Chair Guys are able to supply and fit when your office chair needs help.

  • Gas pistons, Height adjustable arm brackets, Soft arm pads, Wheels, Glides, Soft tread brake castors for hard floors
  • Five star chair bases, Nylon or Aluminium
  • Chair mechanisms, Bellows
  • Dust covers
  • All chair models and makes serviced and repaired
  • Cracked and worn arm pads replaced
  • Squeaky wheels replaced
  • Leaking gas lift replaced
  • Seat blocks and spacers
  • Structural safety inspections with every service
  • AFRDI approved replacement parts
  • A Canberra based mobile service since 2002


My office chair needs to be repaired. How much will it cost?

For the average standard office chair the service cost will be $140 + GST. This would include services such as labour, selected parts and for us to attend on site. When you have larger numbers of office chairs to repair, please contact us for a quote. Most repairs can be done on site. Or your chairs can be dropped off at our chair repair shop at 64 Dundas Court Phillip.

Do you have a warranty on your parts and labour?

Small parts and labour has our standard 12 month warranty from the date of service. Gas lift pistons have a 3 to 5 year warranty.

How do I get my chairs repaired?

expected costing for your repairs. Sending a picture of your chair or chairs will always help us.

Does it take long?

Being a Canberra-based business you can expect to see us onsite within 1 and 3 business days. Most of your repairs can be performed onsite within the hour. The technician carries an extensive range of service parts on hand.

Will I be without my chair for very long?

In most cases you will not be without your chair for very long. In some cases, however, your office chair may need to be removed off site for further repair.

Is it worth fixing or should I buy a new one?

Good question. All depends on how old it is and what is wrong with it. 90% of the time chairs can be returned to a good working order. If the chair is considered beyond repair or not economical to do so, we will advise you. If you need a new office chair, we have an extensive range of high quality products available .

My chair needs to be steam cleaned. Can you help?

Yes, we can. As a general rule, it is a good idea for personal hygiene and to prolong the life of the upholstery. It is recommended to have your office chairs steam cleaned when it looks like it needs a clean. For larger numbers we would steam clean your chairs after hours. This minimises inconvenience and disruption to your staff. The chairs dry overnight and are ready to be used the next day.