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BMA Secure 24/7 work chair fabric and imitation leather finish

BMA Secure 24/7 work chair fabric and imitation leather finish

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BMA Secure 24 intensive seating is a fully ergonomic chair with the following features . Fully adjustable headrest ,chair back tilt adjusts independent to the seat , height adjustable lumber support, height adjustable fold back arms, seat depth adjustment 400 mm to 520 mm , right and left handed adjust-ability, torsion bar mechanisms and gas lift height, weight load tension free float and locking tilt mechanism , polished aluminium high rise five star chair base on 60 mm soft tread castors finished imitation leather fabric seat and back inlay . This chair delivers true comfort and would be regarded as one of the most comfortable and adjustable 24 hour operations chair available to date , weight load rated to 200 kg 3 year multi shift this is the ideal chair for monitoring , traffic control and security requirements and more .


BMA SECURE BASIC 24/7 chairs are extremely comfortable . A 24 hour chair needs to be built strong because of the intense demands placed upon it, when in 24 operation use. Features of this intense seating solution , double pivot point adjustable head and neck rest cushion with removable cover ,on-8f-zw height adjustable fold back arms height adjustable arms, internal lumber support .The chair back can be adjusted in tilt position independent to the seat cushion using a left or right handed hand wheel , adjustable seat depth 400 mm to 530 , torsion bar mechanism with adjustable tension control , left and right handed controls are one of the many attributes of this chair with a weight load rating of up to 200 kg , polished aluminium chair base on 60 mm directional castors .