RH Mereo 220 Fully Option With Neckrest And Arms

$1,837.00 inc 10% GST



  • the neckrest is slim and functional easy to adjust
  • the backrest Tvedt cushion between the shoulder blades stimulates an open posture, increasing oxygeneration of the body
  • backrest shape is tall and narrow the soft curve, supports the whole back in an upright posture
  • chair controls are user- friendly,intuitive shapes and placement for easy adjustments
  • waterfall seat shape reduces pressure on the thighs and minimises knee movement when tilting. Rear cushion edge is raised to orientate the pelvis in the correct position
  • frictionless torsion chair mechanism that adjusts to suit users weight
  • fully adjustable arms both in width and height
  • HR Mereo is a work tool, improving performance for people and business
  • Available in various colours (see the attached image)

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